When building a home, the paint and shine are what makes it attractive, but what you should take notice of are the quality of the products used to build it. It's cheap and easy to put a pretty inferior product, but a lot harder to put in a better quality one.

Energy Efficiency 

The price of the home is one thing, the cost to "run your home" is totally different. Lady Street Builders, builds their homes to the most current codes and energy efficient standards. Don't worry you won't see them boasting about this certification or the other. They incorporate it in their product because it's what should be done, not a sales tactic. 

Double pane, Low E windows. 
Keeps the air you want inside, and the air you don't out.
Radiant Barriers.
This keeps the Sun's radiant heat out of your attic; and thus, out of your home.

Architectural Features

Every house has personality, and it gets its personality from the features, different types of materials and colors. Lady Street Builders loves using intricate design to show off each and every homes personality. 

Eye-Catching Design Elements

Lady Street Builders doesn't stop their design elements on the outside, they make sure to incorporate them on the inside as well.

Birch shaker style cabinets, with overside pulls.
Exquisite master bathrooms with tile shower floors, and incredible attention to detail. 

Site sanded, 3/4 inch, red oak floors.
The stair cases are custom made with oak treads. No carpet here.

Kitchens Fit for a Chef or a Novice

The kitchen is the heart ❤️ of the house. It is where the deep conversations are had and where the best meals are eaten. So why wouldn't you want this to be the best room in your home? Lady Street Builders want it to be. 

High End Gas Appliances
Custom Eat-in Islands to Fit Any Need

Designer Lighting
Large Walk In Pantry with Wood Shelves. No wire here!

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