1716 Longtown Road located in Ridgeway, SC is nestled in the middle of 38.6 wooded acres.  This 2,507 sqft custom log built cabin has everything you could imagine, from a beautiful covered deck that spans the entire house to a walk in master closet as big as the room itself.  So...here are 7 reasons that YOU should buy 1716 Longtown Road!

Reason #1 (That's a lotta land)

This beautiful home is nestled in the midst of 38.6 wooded acres in Ridgeway, SC.  The land features Sawney Creek access and is full of wildlife, adventure, and fun around every turn.

Reason #2 (Log Cabin)

Your'e looking at a custom built log cabin home with detail around every corner. From the walls, to the floors, all the way to the beams across the ceiling, you are surrounded by beautiful relaxing wood tones. A home that is energy efficient, built to last, easy to maintain, and perfect for the outdoor lover.

Reason #3 (Lake Life)

Located 10 minutes away from lake Wateree, you can enjoy the private seclusion of the woods mixed with lake life right around the corner.

Reason #4 (The Deck)

Have you seen the deck!? It spans the entire length of the cabin!  With a tin roof that covers the entire deck, you can enjoy the shade when it's hot or the relax with the pitter patter of rain drops when it storms.

Reason #5 (The basement)

There is an 800 sqft partially finished basement that could easily be converted into a entire separate floor with multiple rooms and a full bath.

Reason #6 (HUGE Master Closet)

The Master closet is almost as big as an entire room!  You have more than enough room to fit everything you could ever want!  Shopaholics... You're welcome!

Reason #7 (Privacy)

You can finally enjoy a house where your neighbors can't see what you're cooking for dinner...that is unless you invite them over!  Track Neighborhoods... Eat your heart out!

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