With Hurricane Florence approaching the Carolina coast, it is crucial for our residents to not only stay safe, but be informed and prepared.

Our team has compiled together a list of  Safety/Emergency Resources and Preparation Tips that will be valuable during this major hurricane warning.

For More Preparation Tips visit Ready.gov/hurricanes

Safety/Emergency Resources

📲 Hurricane Updates
SC Emergency Management Division
SCEG to Report Downed Lines
SCEG to Report Gas Leaks

Helpful Preparation Tips

  • Have all important identification and documents on-hand. Reference this link from FEMA for a helpful list.

  • Stock your emergency kit with non-perishable food/snacks & water for at least 3 days, first aid supplies, medications, flashlights & batteries and cash. Charge up all portable chargers. 

  • Have pet food, medications, leashes & carriers ready if needed.  Bring all pets inside prior to storm.  

  • Fill up gas tanks on vehicles, and any extra tanks for generators.  Propane for gas grill (will come in handy to cook if extended power loss). 

  • Fill ziplock bags with water and freeze them – they’ll keep things cold if the power goes out. Fill bathtubs with water (use this to refill toilet tanks). Fill washing machine with water & ice (use for drinks and when it melts, it will drain away). 

  • Clean out coolers – if fridge goes out, put frozen bags and frozen foods in to keep refrigerated foods cool. 

  • If you have kids, download the Netflix app there’s an offline viewing mode.

  • Bring outside patio furniture, umbrellas, trampolines, grills etc inside, or at a minimum secure them. Think about any item outside that could cause damage in high winds.

  • If in direct path of storm & expecting possible losses of property, do a photo or video walk through for insurance purposes prior to evacuation.