As we make the switch from the late Summer to early Fall, we usually get the question “Is now a good time to sell my home?” or “Should I take my home off of the market until the spring?”. There is this thought process out there that the Fall is a bad time to sell your home; it’s actually a good time.

In the above video, Brad explains how the buyers that are out searching for homes during the fall are most likely serious buyers. While it is true that there is an increase in the home sales during the springtime months, there is also a spike that occurs between September and October. This happens because many buyers have to be into a new home before the beginning of the new year.

Couple this with the fact that we have dramatically low inventory in many parts of the Midlands, and you may find that it’s the perfect time to put your home on the market. Give us a call to talk about the current market activity in your area, even if you’re just curious!