We decided to branch out a little bit for our most recent Spotlight video and head up to the North Main area of town. With the addition of the new Columbia Fireflies stadium, there is a boom in business, and some the results are some great new restaurants. One of the newest and best restaurants in the area is a small southern eatery called The War Mouth.

Located perfectly in between Elmwood Park, Earlewood and Cottontown, The War Mouth is perfectly positioned for both downtown residents and visitors alike. The trendy new restaurant takes the place of an old service garage, that has been impeccably renovated to create a modern atmosphere. The open interior provides plenty of space for you and your friends to catch up over dinner or drinks.


The menu at The War Mouth is fairly limited, but every item has been hand selected by the chefs. Though limited, each dish is incredibly delicious. The lunchtime menu has staples such as a smoked pit beef sandwich, a pimento grilled cheese sandwich or a bowl of vegetable soup. Each dish is served with a side of pasta salad, potato salad or raw fries. Their dinner menu features a handful of different items such as curried quail eggs, venison, or a chicken bog. As usual, we each tried something different and everyone loved their meals!

We finished off our lunch with two desserts: a blueberry corn cake and a bourbon cream pie. The bourbon cream pie was a definite favorite among all the team members, and the blueberry corn cake was a delicious, cool, sweet summer treat.


We definitely recommend giving The War Mouth a try! It’s located in a great spot in town, especially if you’re looking for a restaurant to visit before heading over to a Columbia Fireflies game. Regardless, take a few minutes to stop in and try some of the incredible food that you can only find at The War Mouth! Check them out online at www.TheWarMouth.com.