They say, and we agree, that dogs are a man’s best friend. If you agree, you know how hard it is to find a safe space to let your four-legged friends stretch their legs. Sometimes, you just need to get out of the backyard and have some fun! So we did a little digging and here are a majority of the dog parks in the Columbia and Lexington Metro area.

Richland County

🎾 Noma Bark Park – Earlewood Park

Address – 1111 Parkside Drive, Columbia SC

Located on North Main Street in Columbia, and located within the confines of Earlewood Park. This is an independent dog park with reasonable yearly memberships.


🎾 Doggie Park – Humane Society

Address – 127 Humane Lane, Columbia, SC

This park provides water fountains, shaded trees, and space for your pup to run unleashed for hours. Park requires annual $50 Membership along with proof of vaccinations and neuter/spay.

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 🎾 Sesquicentennial State Park – Dog Park

Address – 9564 Two Notch Road, Columbia SC

This is probably one of the lesser known dog parks in Columbia. Just three miles from Downtown Columbia, this State Park Service dog park has 2 fully fenced acres for off-leash fun. The rules for this park are a little bit different. You have to have a permit of $25 per dog per year or $4 per day. When you get your dog’s permit, they have to be present because they will be taking a photo of your dog.

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🎾 Lake Carolina Dog Park (Residents Only)

Address – 971 Lake Carolina Blvd, Columbia SC

Nestled right between Kelly Middle and Jeep Rogers YMCA, you'll find Lake Carolina's off-leash, private dog park.
However, it’s only for owners and renters of the Lake Carolina community with an annual $25 pass.

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🎾 Emily Douglas Park

Address – 2500 Wheat Street, Columbia, SC

Located in the heart of Shandon, this park is free to use. It’s hidden by the many tall pine trees. It even has a spray pool that is operated during the Summer. This park is great because it has other stuff, such as play equipment for kids, swings, and a huge field to throw a ball.

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Lexington County

🎾 Paw Park – Town of Lexington

Address – 989 Hendrix Ave. Lexington, SC

This is a Town of Lexington owned park and is one of the larger parks with 3 acres, and tons of items to play with/on.  This park has a few more rules than most i.e. dogs must be spayed/neutered, you have to fill out an application and provide shot records. It cost $30 for the first dog and $15 for each additional dog per year.

If you are interested in an application, you can find it here.

Irmo/Chapin Area

🎾 Barking Lot – Saluda Shoals

Address – 5605 Bush River Rd, Columbia 29212

Located inside of Saluda Shoals park is a 2 acres off leash dog haven. With similar rules as Paw Park, make sure your dog has everything inline before applying for a permit. The permit is $45 per dog per year or $5 per day.