This is your home 🏡  we're talking about. You can easily spot the difference between a house and your HOME. It's where you'll retreat to from an exhausting day of work.  Where you will spend the upcoming years making memories with the people you do life with. Backyard BBQs, watching the big game, hosting your in-laws, holiday dinners, and don't forget birthday celebrations with your little ones. 

We've put our years of experience to use by fine-tuning the way real estate should be done. Why not take advantage of having the BEST home-buying experience?

There is an ART to unlocking 🔑 a home-buying experience worth talking about.  Here's how we work to make your dreams a reality:We invest time learning about you as a potential homebuyer and educating you on what to expect; whether this is your first, second, or last time buying a home (real estate changes constantly). 

We have a proven, methodical path that turns an overwhelming process into an exciting, seamless experience.  Our team has spent countless hours ensuring that our homebuyer toolkits deepen your knowledge of the buying process, provide a great source for reputable, local vendors, and set your expectations of a full-service team.  Our purpose is to help guide you towards your future housing goals as your resource for all things Columbia. 

Our primary focus is on you.  We've learned early on, while servicing multiple clients, that one agent physically can't do it all.  This led us to formulate an intuitive group of professionals who help compartmentalize each part of your transaction.  Your REALTOR will always be your first point-of-contact.  Instead of spending half the day sending 300 pages of documents to an attorney for another client's closing next week or playing cat-and-mouse following back up with listing inquiries, we want your agent available to you when your perfect home hits the market. 

Our mission statement entails that our full-service experience "exceeds our customer's expectations and positively impacts South Carolina".  At the end of the day, it's a team of people looking out for you.  We want to leave a lasting impression that you will be reminded of when settling into your new home here in the Midlands.

Yes, we have listing specialist on our team that sell homes.  However, our buyer's agents serve an alternate purpose; they are your advisors and educators.  You’re the boss calling the shots, they are the people to explain all of your options that help make sure your wants and needs match your desired location and financial comfort level. 

They'll connect you with an exclusive home-search tool that allows us to update you with homes as they hit the market (not homes that were for sale 6 months ago...cough...cough...Zillow).  In case you have a busy schedule, they'll provide you with options to look through at your convenience.  Going on vacation? As long as you have signal they can Facetime or Skype you through any home, and you won't even have to put down your little umbrella drink 🍹.  You tell them what you want to go see, they'll schedule it for you, and inform you on all you want to know about the home. 

We have a motto within our team where we reflect and ask ourselves "How do we affect what people?"  With so many people involved in your home purchase, it is important for you to be represented by someone who can keep a level-head and maintain your best interest. 

Our team is relentless in getting you the best results with our creative negotiation tactics and local knowledge of market conditions.  We've crafted techniques to make your offer standout so that sellers choose you over other interested buyers. 

Yes, finding and buying a home is a big part of our job, but we give you our word that we will be here for you after you close too. So when you have those “what do I do now” moments, you will know that we are here to help you with whatever you need.

Need a plumber? Gotcha ✓ . Property Taxes seem abnormally high? We know what to do. Need a babysitter? We can refer one. Seriously, anything. 

The Different Stages of The Buying Process

Stage 1 I Initial Consultation

Stage 2  I  Getting Qualified

Stage 3  I  Finding Your Next Home

Stage 4  I Under Contract

Stage 5  I Inspections

Stage 6  I  Closing Date